Verandah & House Poles

Verandah & House Poles

Boasting stability and durability, jarrah wood is a high-density, hardwood timber that is world-renowned for its versatility across many applications. If you’re building a verandah, pergola or any load-bearing structural framework, jarrah is your standout all-rounder choice for timber building material.

Sourced only from native forest regrowth in our South West, the demand on independent timber supplies for jarrah is strong whilst it remains a highly accessible, renewable resource West Aussie’s can uniquely call ‘our own’.

Ranging in colour from pink-orange to dark reds and rich burgundy, jarrah’s decorative qualities will transform your next project, lending its natural warmth and beauty. Greand Timber’s jarrah posts and poles are as aesthetically pleasing as they are a smart choice in construction. Bearing high resistance to the elements, rot, termites and borers, Greand’s jarrah timber posts and poles will stand the test of time for generations. Plus, due to its density jarrah is fire resistant - giving you piece-of-mind using the hardwood timber for either internal or exterior building.

Straight off the sawmill, timber sizes available are diameters from 250mm to 400mm in lengths up to 12 meters. Structural timber prices are varied, just simply call us for a quote. For jarrah timber supplies Perth local’s keep coming back to, Greand Timbers can assist with any job, big or small.

Greand’s timber prices are variable and ordering is easy! Choose to buy timber online here or simply call us on 0408 921 089 We’ll offer an obligation-free quote and any further information on our timber products.


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