Marine Posts

Marine Posts & Piles

If you're after timber for a marine environment or areas with high exposure to weather or potential leaching, you'll need specifically treated wood, that can last the distance. Greand Timbers supplies heavy-duty construction timber used for wharves, bridges, boating pens and jetties or any structure that has prolonged exposure to sea water. Greand’s marine-grade wood piles and posts are your answer for building sturdy foundations that are low-cost, long-lasting, easy to use and with high load-bearing capacity. In fact, once professionally installed, correctly-treated piles can have a life expectancy of up to 60 – even 100 years!

To do the job right, you need the right materials, so you must know what to look for – if you do, fantastic, we’ll see you soon. If you don’t know where to begin, that’s where Greand Timber’s can help. First, see below for a little lesson in timber treating;

  • Preservative treatments can protect timber species from borers, termites, insects and decay.
  • Different preservatives are used for different protection requirements (ie. 6 Hazard levels)
  • The penetration of treatment increases and the preservative amount increases, as the hazardousness level
  • The sapwood of all species is non-durable. Heartwood is (generally by rule) durable.
  • Most species’ sapwood is penetrable by preservative, whereas heartwood is very difficult to treat, thus the general rule is only sapwood of hardwoods can be penetrated.

Timber for marine piles and utility poles are of the highest hazardous exposure level, H6. Durability is further increased with the use of oil-borne preservatives such as PEC (pigment emulsified creosote) which are carried into the wood as oil or mixed in oil. Greand Timbers roundwood posts and piles are milled as natural logs, complete with character, bumps and knots, ensuring a completely surrounding ring of fully-loaded preservative treated sapwood.

Greand Timbers are happy to help with any of your questions, there’s no job too big or small. Greand sawmill supplies posts and piles in various timber lengths along with small end diameter (SED) sizes for a number of applications across marine and foundation work. Call us to enquire today on 0408 9 21 089 or come see for yourself! Visit Greand Timbers sawmill, Lot 341 Crampton Road, Harvey, WA, 6220.

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