Furniture Boards

Furniture Boards


Marri’s standout feature would certainly be its distinctive grain. Coarsely textured with a gorgeous chocolate brown ripple set against a beige to honey coloured backdrop, Marri timber furniture in all its carnations is a true visual feast. With a broader range of distinguishing wood features, more grades of Marri timber are stocked for your selection. The mix of pinholes, knots and burls, gum pockets and veins, black speck, insect trails and pitted surfaces of Marri timber boards guarantee to add a unique charm to your Marri furniture project. Presented as a striking feature wood, Marri timber is adopted by many craftsmen in woodturning, fine furniture, joinery and sculptural woodcrafts.


Jarrah will often surprise customers on the colour spectrum. Known for its deeper, dark mahogany tones, jarrah timber’s richness and depth can be further enhanced with the right stains and finishes. The rose-coloured timber boards from a younger jarrah wood sample, however, are too good to look past. Warm orange to muted salmon pinks, jarrah can bring a summers sunset of tonal inspiration to your jarrah furniture project. The even texture of Jarrah makes it a smooth, easily workable material for turnery, joinery, parquetry and crafting fine furniture.

Greand’s timber furniture boards and wide boards can be cut to size depending on your requirements. Craving a rewarding new hobby? Thinking of a bespoke side table or dresser? Making a bunk bed for the kids? If you’re keen to knock up some timber furniture - knock on our door first! For all mill-direct timber supplies, advice or a helping hand visit Greand Timbers Lot 341 Crampton Rd, Harvey, WA.

Or simply order timber online here, or for timber prices call 0408 921 089 to enquire.


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