Boardwalk Timber

Boardwalk Timber

The timber boardwalk has long been an important aspect of commercial and community-based eco-design. Bearing very little environmental impact, an all wood timber boardwalk is an appealing, practical, energy efficient structure that can connect people with nature whilst easily blending into the surrounding landscape.

Given the basic principles of column and beam construction using Greand’s deck timber, along with a few carpentry tools, building materials and know-how, you can create a durable, low-cost boardwalk in no time. With countless possibilities for innovative design, creating non-domestic applications such as boardwalks, viewing platforms and light vehicle traffic structures -is a snap with Greand’s huge stock of quality Boardwalk jarrah timber.

Greand Timbers has helped work those tricky spots, overcome design issues and problem solved every boardwalk dilemma imaginable! Greand Timbers will go out on a limb for you and your next project. As expert timber traders, all Greand jarrah decking and structural timber adhere to industry specifications from light to heavy pedestrian traffic and light vehicle traffic -where uniform load distribution is paramount.

Installing a timber boardwalk benefits all by being environmentally responsible, carbon neutral and reducing damage to habitats. Plus, with little to no excavation, you’ll also be saving money.

Ask us for advice on timber, installation and maintenance – and for any wood supplies Perth locals need, Greand’s timber mill has got you covered. Call 0408 921 089 or buy timber online here.

Wood you believe… ?

Timber absorbs and stores C02 from the atmosphere. When used for building, timber captures more carbon than is used in its production, making it the only carbon neutral building material

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