Blackbutt Flooring

Blackbutt Flooring

Blackbutt- funny name, fine specimen. Contrary to its name suggests, blackbutt timber is actually one of the lightest coloured hardwoods. This native eucalypt grows up to 45m tall and 1.8m at its widest point, found in WA’s southern forests. Ranking highest for hardness in the category of local ‘blonde’ timbers, blackbutt wood has been dubbed the most versatile timber species in wood flooring products.

Pale cream, straw to light brown in colour, often tinged pink - blackbutt timber features a long straight grain and is even-textured; giving the overall appearance of a bright, uniform surface once timber floorboards are laid.

A highly durable material; laid blackbutt tongue and groove flooring has a transformative effect on any space. The pale straw colour reflects the light present in a room, visually expanding the area to the naked eye. Using design ‘tricks’ and a considered choice in timber flooring, a closed-in zone can modify into an airy, light-filled room in no time. Timber sizes available in 12mm and 14mm overlay or 19mm structural board, with custom sizing on request. Fill out the form to order timber online or for timber flooring prices call Greand Timbers - the timber merchants Perth locals know and trust, on 0408 921 089

Wood you believe… ?

Blackbutt timber is used for flooring in Parliament House, Canberra


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