About Us

About Us

Situated at the gates to Western Australia’s beautiful south-west region, Greand Timbers location gives us access to undoubtedly the best hardwood timber in Australia.

Greand supplies high-quality timber products to Australia’s eastern states as well as meet the demands of select export markets. Doesn’t matter how remote you may be, Greand Timbers and their partnering freight distribution network can organise delivery anywhere within Australia – bringing the best in service, quality timber (and a smile) to your door.
With 25 years’ experience in the timber industry, for any requirements you may have, Greand will have the answer. Providing a spectacular variety of Australian wood, local WA species and exotic timbers from overseas, Greand Timbers supply hardwood timber that can be cut in custom lengths and widths to suit your needs. Timber is tagged after processing at the sawmill, this helps us keep track of the product and also helps you -  we locate timber boards taken from the same log which allows consistency of colour and grain for your project needs.

Variations in colour will occur however, and with Greand Timbers years working with native timbers, we firmly believe the unexpected is the best part! Discover the ‘beauty in the blemishes’ and rustic appeal that abounds when using natural materials. (Generally, younger timber is much lighter in colour than older wood and different growing conditions or sealer used can also contribute to colour variation). Factoring in the wood’s age, heartwood, sapwood, treating and drying processes will all add to the visual aspect of each timber board, giving you one-of-a-kind rarity for your building or craft project.

Greand timber is obtained from sustainable State Forest managed programs, from rural and urban land clearing sites and sourced from windfall on private properties. Greand Timbers proudly supports agro-forestry here in WA and we observe excellent standards in environmental stewardship.